The Adventure Bug

November 9, 2015

Why Travel?

  • To escape
  • To get away
  • To find yourself
  • For adventure
  • To see sights
  • … The list goes on!


I can relate to them all (been there, trust me) but my main reason to travel is to feel. I know that sounds super heady, right? I honestly get such a rush of feeling ALIVE when I am outside of my standard comfort zone, living and meeting people and experiences head on. I love people and the emotions and feelings you get from living moments with them and experiencing new places and adventures alongside one another. Event planner = Social. Guilty! I fully enjoy working with clients to create unforgettable experiences and once in a lifetime moments for their programs, all while being front row for their adventures. An even bigger plus? Creating these expeditions in destinations all over the world. Before landing my job with Incentive Solutions, I had never been out of the country. Can you believe it? “Welcome to ISI! Now, hop on a plane and take 150 people to the Dominican Republic. Have fun!” Not entirely how it went, but sort of.

I wouldn’t consider my hometown small by any means, but it is small in the fact that my entire family has been in the same spot all of their lives. My parents once attended the same high school (exact building and all) as I did, I grew up living next door to my grandparents and it was not only standard but wholly accepted to not stray too far from home when making a life for yourself. Nothing wrong with that! Your life is your choice. Unfortunately this wandering soul did not relate to the norm. Just ask my mother, poor thing. I went 3 hours from home for school (GASP!), packed up and moved to New York City on my own once I graduated and always dreamt of far off destinations and magical tropical paradises. Although it took 17 years to get these feet on a plane, I knew what all was out there waiting for me to discover.

I know what you’re thinking. “I dream of tiki huts over crystal clear waters and spending nights under glittering castles too but it is just not feasible.” I get it. From one baller on a budget to another, you do not need to be thrust into some foreign jungle to acquire this feeling. I grew up vacationing in states only connected to Georgia! Florida and Tennessee still remain some of my favorite spots to visit, with childhood memories made there I would never change for the world. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on an air ticket or hours on a plane going thousands of miles away to satisfy that adventure bug inside. You could go to the next state over, next county over or next street over! Find whatever it is that helps you embody these alive feelings whether that be covering your hands and body in turquoise jewels and lace to feel inspired (which I totally get  because those things are fab), exploring your local markets for treasures or hitting the road out west in search of orange charged suns. Explore the world right outside your back door but keep dreaming of paradise because you will one day be diving into the shimmery Caribbean waters, surfing in Costa Rica or popping champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Personally, I believe I was born with the adventure bug, the wanderlust spirit, the nomadic heart, whatever travel buzzword is hot at the moment; But once I got a true taste of the “world” outside of my own, it is a feeling I will forever be seeking again and again. Accept that adventure bug inside you my friends, because life is too short to feel anything less than ALIVE!

Ahoy in NOLA 2

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