Peter Island

November 10, 2015

Have you heard of Peter Island? The place dreams dream of, that not even story books could give justice to? Neither had I. The luxury of my job is sometimes being able to visit the tiniest corners of the Earth that I might not have ever even imagined before. Peter Island is one of them and personally now my favorite place on this planet. The island is 1800-acres of pure paradise, in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by British Virgin Island oasis’s and a hop, skip and jump away from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Arriving on a private ferry is truly an experience in itself, as not many places can only be accessed by small boat, or helicopter. The palm tree and hammock flanked beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters surrounding Peter Island only add to the splendor of this Caribbean gem. Hidden away on this slice of private island bliss, is the Peter Island Resort & Spa. A luxury haven getaway that gives true meaning to the words unbelievable, astonishing and splendid. As a guest of the resort, you can take in the surrounding wonder on any one of the five pristine white sand beaches, including a spot on the coveted Honeymoon Beach which allows only one couple a day access, or while exploring the breathtaking views atop a mountain and the sunset along the five-mile loop. The food is absolute perfection and the drinks are to die for. I don’t know if it was the love put into making my Pain Killers or the fresh nutmeg topping that kept me coming back for more but I would gladly fly back to Peter Island for that refreshing island concoction alone. Opt for a luxury private villa, such as the Falcons Nest. This sprawling mansion on the tip top of Peter Island, which could possibly be the most jaw dropping property I’ve ever seen, has six bedroom suites, a three story waterfall grotto and an infinity edge pool overlooking the surrounding Caribbean Islands. For a mere several thousand dollars a night you could live like a true king! Every single guest room at the Peter Island Resort is truly remarkable! Whether in an ocean view room or beach front suite, the comfort and furnishings will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated like never before. The only thing that could rival Peter Island’s accommodations, dining, and setting is the service. I have been to countless destinations and worked with hundreds of vendors, hoteliers and suppliers all over the world but nothing compares to the genuine compassion Peter Island employees show each and every guest of the island. It is truly one of a kind and makes you leave the island a better person for ever even meeting the lovely people of Peter Island Resort & Spa.

peter island collage 2

I know a woman that once told me she wanted her ashes strewn at Peter Island. I thought it to be such an odd statement until I visited that sacred place. I get it. I believe it. I stand by Peter Island, the people, the resort and all the memories made there. Now it’s your turn. Get out there and start planning your own Peter Island adventure…just don’t forget to pack me in your suitcase when you go!

To learn more about the Peter Island Resort & Spa, CLICK HERE

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