How To Pack Jewelry When Traveling

January 25, 2016

I would like to start with my admission of being a total jewelry addict! I love jewelry and as much as I enjoy great staple pieces in my closet such as the quintessential white blouse, distressed denim and leopard ballerina flats, I have to say that the majority of my fashion purchases are spent going towards the perfect gold arm cuff, jeweled studded earrings, statement necklaces, midi rings and any other form of body accessory I can get my hands on. I have ample options when coordinating my outfits, which I believe is a plus to this harbored jewelry craving. But alas, just like any good addiction it does pose a problem when packing, especially for long and sometimes international travels. There is nothing worse than having to sit for countless hours untangling and straightening out your most favorite necklaces and delicate chains after they have been tossed , turned and mangled in your suitcase. I can tell you that some people have the untangling gift (or patience), but I am certainly not one of them! I have compiled a few ways that I feel are most helpful when packing jewelry for travels, and I hope you find these tips, tricks and products most useful for your own personal explorations as well!


I store my jewelry at home in a large, standing jewelry box complete with necklace hooks, ring rolls, dividers and ample storage drawers and compartments for earrings or larger bracelets. Being able to have all of my jewelry in one organized location, with clear views of all of my treasures, makes picking and choosing a select few pieces for my travels much easier and less time consuming. You do not need a massive jewelry box to achieve this level of organization however, any jewelry box, door organizers or just simple hooks will do the trick!

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Over packing? GUILTY! The way I see it is…what if? What if situations are my way of accepting the fact that I over pack , and I over pack well! If you do not want to ride the over packing train, especially with heavy jewelry that takes up prime real estate in your suitcase, then I have a few ideas for you! Pre-planning your outfits is a great way to reduce the chances of over packing and saves you tons of time as well. I have gotten in the habit of writing out each day in a notebook, what exactly I will be doing and any dress code requirements I may face while gone. I then pull outfits for each day, ensuring that I have the¬†acceptable attire. Once you lay out your outfits for each, activity or event, you should then plan your jewelry accordingly. Pull pieces that not only accentuate that particular outfit, but those that can also be shared and worn again with other outfits for different days. This jewelry selection process secures your status as a “non- over packer” (CONGRATULATIONS!) and creates the space needed in your suitcase for those extra ‘what if’ items.


Pulling items that can be interchanged by days and having all of your jewelry neatly organized for easy packing is great and all, but what about actually filling your suitcase with your favorite jewels without the dreaded fear of tangles? I found that small, clear and closeable bags work wonders when trying to keep your jewelry separated and knot free. Another plus to this method is that you can throw the little baggies all together into one cosmetic bag or travel bag, without the fear of losing smaller items or jumbling all of your jewelry into one big mess. These bags can be found at any craft supply stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels or even Walmart. This slightly tedious, slightly time consuming task of putting each piece of jewelry into a spate bag may seem daunting, but I assure you that it will save you loads of time, energy and sanity when you arrive at your destination tangle free!


A jewelry travel bag or organizer is pertinent to have, in order to save room in your suitcase, as well as keep your jewels organized during your travels. I have gathered some must have carriers and linked them for easy shopping straight from the blog below!


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What are some of your tricks when packing your favorite jewelry and accessories while traveling? Comment below!


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