Health Tips While Traveling

November 12, 2015

Coughing, sore throat, congestion, upset stomach……there is not much that is worse than being sick. One thing that is, is being sick while traveling! Getting sick while on the road whether it is for business, incentive trips or personal vacation can leave you feeling helpless and totally uncomfortable. It will leave you holed up in your hotel room missing unforgettable excursions and life changing memories you have been planning for months. How can you avoid the stress, fatigue and sadness of an illness while away from home? Follow these tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while traveling and you will be well on your way to a successful and “sick free” adventure!

Prep. The best way to avoid an illness while traveling is to prepare before the wheels are even off the ground. Before your departure date arrives, get in the habit of taking a daily supplement a week or two before you leave such as vitamin C supplements, Airborne or Emergen C. As a travel planner, we live by this stuff. These natural medications and vitamins are packed with powerful antioxidants that will boost your immune system and prep your body to fend off illness. By dedicating just a few minutes a day to taking a healthy vitamin, it can save you hours of possible stress down the road.

Travel Medicine Pouch. No suitcase is complete without a trusty medicine pouch inside. Whether you need medications while traveling or not, an emergency medicine bag is imperative for saving you time, money and hassle while on the road. Imagine becoming ill while on a remote private island. What do you do? Instead of spending hours trying to find transportation to a town for medicine, or spending an arm and a leg at the resort gift shop with limited selections, you will be prepared with all you need right from the ease of your own suitcase. I suggest packing the follow: headache medication, a cough suppressant, cortisone crème or Benadryl, Pepto Bismol, general cold remedies and anything else you feel you may need while far from home.

Eat and Drink your way to health. While on site, be mindful of the food and beverages you consume. I am a huge advocate for trying anything once and taking in your local flavors. That being said, be cautious when trying new foods. If you know you will not like something and the smell and appearance is off-putting to you, do not put it in your body. Food poisoning is one of the worst feelings you can have while traveling so try to avoid it at all costs. While away at all-inclusive resorts, splurge! You’ve earned it! But there are still ways to watch what you eat and to be mindful. Even though the luxury buffet is calling your name day and night, there are still healthy options you can choose from. For breakfast, a glass of fresh juice along with local fruits and an egg white omelet will leave you feeling refreshed, satisfied and energized for your day of exploration that lies ahead.

Wash your hands. One of the biggest and easiest measures you can take to stay healthy while traveling is to wash your hands frequently! Easy enough right? Airplanes carry thousands of people a day to destinations all over the world. With that many people confined in a small space, touching all of the same armrests, tray tables, and bathroom fixtures, bacteria is abundant. Wash your hands as often as possible while flying and after visiting popular tourist attractions. The first thing you should do before sitting down for a meal, whether at the resort or an off property venue, is wash your hands. Always keep antibacterial hand gel, lotion or wipes handy while traveling, in the event a proper restroom with soap and water is not readily available.

Travel Insurance. Sometimes all of the preparation and hygiene measures you take cannot ward off an illness while on the road. Unexpected things happen and instead of being “ill” prepared for this bump in the road, travel protection is recommended for any expeditions you embark on. Consider travel insurance to protect you and your trip investment from not only emergency medical attention, but trip cancellation, delays, baggage issues, and emergency evacuations. From small trips to elaborate vacations, there are many travel insurance plans that fit each occasion. Do not be stuck with hefty international medical fees and bills if you encounter a serious emergency when traveling. In the world we travel in today, it has never been more important or accessible to protect yourself and your precious travel memories. (CLICK HERE For further information on Travelex Travel Insurance)

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No matter where your travels take you, stay healthy and protected against illness. Instead of being quarantined in your room, get out there and enjoy you’re once in a lifetime ventures and explorations around the world! What are your tips for staying on top of your health while traveling?

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