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December 21, 2015

What better time to give back than the holidays? In the “season of giving”, why not double the reason for your countless purchases by shopping charitable brands and companies! We have all heard of brands such as Tom’s whose motto is one for one which gives a shoe for every shoe purchased, or Warby Parker who works the same way as for every pair of glasses purchased a pair is distributed to someone in need. I recently attended a local artisan fair where I met several charitable brands from around Atlanta and the country. It got me thinking of all the philanthropic brands around the world and how I could help others while shopping for all of my family and friends this holiday season. Check out the list below for a few ideas!


re:loom- re:loom is a nonprofit organization I met while at the artisan fair, and is local to Atlanta. re:loom is a program of Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH) whose mission is to provide permanent, affordable housing to homeless and low-income families around metro Atlanta. Through re:loom, individuals are trained, given employment, stable salaries and 100% healthcare coverage. In return, we get beautifully weaved, one-of-a-kind products such as area rugs, handbags and accessories made out of up cycled materials. Each high quality, handmade, handwoven piece is the perfect addition to any home. Help empower and encourage those less fortunate this holiday season by shopping re:loom.


Nica Life- Nica Life is another brand I met in Atlanta and completely fell in love with. Nica Life’s jewelry collection not only provides jobs for the women of Nicaragua, but provides us with the most adorable boho style necklaces and accessories. Women around Nicaragua have joined Nica Life in creating handmade jewelry to sell here in order to provide for their families there. Newly founded in 2015, Nica Life generously supports those less fortunate, educates others on the culture of the area, and shares beautiful craftsmanship and artistic abilities of the Nicaraguan women. Shop Nica Life and give the gift of humanitarian style this holiday season. I know I am well on my way to buying the whole collection!

Nica Life

Krochet Kids- The story of Krochet Kids initially captured my heart because like the three co-founders, I had a serious love for crocheting in high school. These guys took their childhood hobby and passion and used it for the greater good as adults. Empowering over 150 people in Uganda and Peru, Krochet Kids teaches women the skill of crocheting and allow them to train, work and turn poverty around in their lives. From the original headwear designs to t-shirts, bags, children’s apparel and scarves, Krochet Kids has every item needed to gift this holiday season. As an added bonus, each piece includes a label with the person’s signature who handmade it especially for you. Check out more of their story, and shop these pieces created to give back, on their website.

Krochet Kids

Elegantees- In my opinion, Elegantees is more than philanthropic, but truly saves lives. Elegantees allows women of Nepal, that have been victims of sex trafficking, to sew adorable tees in order to provide a steady income for themselves and their families, restore confidence and a sense of identity and reinforce purpose and independence in their lives after their horrific past experiences. Nepal ranks high in sex trafficking cases each year, but with the help of Elegantees allowing victims to be pulled from the nightmare and return to a world of dignity, these women become survivors instead of statistics. When you shop Elegantees you are not only receiving a high quality items, but giving women out of trafficking a second chance at a joyous life.


The Giving Keys- I first learned of The Giving Keys through a partnership with one of my favorite fashion brands, Tribe Kelley. The message behind The Giving Keys is what truly struck me as amazing. After getting the idea to engrave old, used keys with inspirational messages, actress and singer/songwriter Caitlin Crosby realized that we were all like keys in a way- “unique, flawed, scarred and sometimes thrown away by others”. When you purchase a Giving Key, you are buying a handmade, repurposed key with a message, in hopes that you pay it forward and pass the key and words along to someone you meet along the way that you feel needs the message more than you. And if that gracious notion wasn’t enough, The Giving Keys in Las Angeles also employs those transitioning out of homelessness. Change the world around you by changing peoples’ worlds. Read more about The Giving Keys and real life testimonies on their website.

The Giving Keys


The holidays are the perfect time to give back, but these┬álines are also great year round! I would love to hear about more brands with philanthropic stories behind them so please share your favorites. I don’t know about you, but pieces with a story mean more than anything!

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