Drinking Through the BVI’s

January 6, 2016

My Soul was awakened after my recent visits to the British Virgin Islands. Whether it was due to the beauty of my surroundings, the incredibly vibrant people, the never ending rum in my glass or a combination of the above, will remain a mystery. What I do know is that island hopping around the BVI’s is truly a remarkable experience. Island hopping around the BVI’s with frequent and recurring stops at local watering holes is an even more remarkable experience. There’s nothing quite like jumping on a boat with your closest friends (or perfect strangers in my case) for a day of snorkeling, exploration and boozing! Not too long ago I found myself in just that situation and after snorkeling some of the most amazing Caribbean waters, it was off to a land of sheer oblivion- the bar! Follow me as I retrace my steps of drinking through the British Virgin Islands!


Soggy Dollar

Soggy Dollar…because once you arrive your dollars are soggy! Get it? Swimming to shore to indulge in this beachside cottage’s so called “original pain killer” is an experience in itself. If you’ve had a few too many before arrival then make friends with a captain to score a short dingy ride ashore. “I loved being your first dingy” are words that still resonate (or maybe haunt) me after my recent trip to the islands. Do not fret though, for it is only a short stretch of splashing about before you make it to standing depths. Soggy Dollar is located along White Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke, is one of my favorite BVI stops and home of the clearest waters I have ever seen in my life! They claim they are home to the Original Pain Killer, and I do not want to discredit this notion, but I enjoyed the bloody Mary’s and ice cold beer at this particular joint over that perfect concoction of rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juice. This place is the perfect combination of sandy beach hangs and spring break debauchery. Tiny bikinis are most welcome and drunken football, “the ring game” and chugging contests are enjoyed. The bartenders are friendly, the music is loud, the people are oozing with positive vibes and the drinks are endless. All of which are the perfect ingredients for a fun stop along a BVI bar crawl!

Soggy Dollar

The Willy T

Reminicisng on my times at the Willy T make me want to pack up and head down to the islands yesterday! The Willy T is unlike any watering hole you’ve ever visited because it is literally floating in the middle of the Caribbean. This legendary 100′ steel hulled anchored ship is accessible only by boat and is located in The Bight, a very sheltered bay at Norman Island. Scouring a spot to dock up to the Willy T is a challenge, for everyone and their brother visits during lunch and takes part in the unorthodox festivities later in the day. The food is traditional bar fare and is highly recommended to help soak up some of the alcohol filling your veins. Shot skis as well as body shots are the norm. People of all ages also enjoy a favorite pastime of jumping off the top deck of the boat. I must say- jump at your own risk! This plunge into the crystal clear waters can be very dangerous, but that didn’t stop me from jumping once…ok maybe 10 times! “Ahoy Rebel”. It is suggested that ladies jump topless to draw enthusiastic cheers, support and a coveted Willy T temporary tattoo. “Ahoy not so much”. This ship bar is a must see to add to your BVI bar crawl!

willy t

Bomba’s Shack

Bomba’s Shack is another one of my favorite drinkeries in the BVI, quite possibly the trashiest, and the first land dwelling establishment on the list. This place is a true dive located surfside on Tortola. Bomba’s Shack is strictly adults only, not just for the shenanigans to be had but also for the décor consisting of crude graffiti and disintegrating undergarments hanging from the rafters, all of which contributed by visitors of the shack. Bomba’s makes my list of notable Pain Killers and deadly shots. This roadside shack is known for more than their décor and strong beverages; The monthly full moon parties will leave you with glitter in your hair, frolicking the beaches on the back of a unicorn, sporting fairy wings and a smile. This is not confirmed however,  just what I envision, dream and fully expect. The full moon parties fall on the actual full moon (crazy!) and draw huge crowds from all over Tortola. If you cant make a full moon party then do not fear, for any evening at Bomba’s is a party! The staff is eclectic, infectious and all but pours the liquor down your throat in hopes of getting you completely blackout. Bomba himself is a mystery to me, but a class act man that can be found on guard in his truck overlooking the shack. You wont want to miss this BVI gem!

bombas shack

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar & Restaurant

Everyday is a party at Foxy’s! Returning once again to Jost Van Dyke, Foxy’s restaurant and bar is not only delicious but provides a true local feel with house made rum and fresh brews from their own microbrewery on tap! The Caribbean style fare is delicious (I recommend the BBQ lunch) and the Calypso setting is truly inspiring. Afternoons at Foxy’s are spent listening to music, taking in the picturesque Caribbean surroundings and sipping specialty drinks, such as my favorite of the joint, a BBC- A delicious and refreshing concoction of Bailey’s, banana and Coco Lopez. Don’t forget to pack an extra shirt to sign and hang from the rafters, commemorating your time and bender that is soon to ensue. If you’re lucky enough to visit the BVI over a holiday, then Foxy’s is the place to be, so I’m told. What better way to ring in the new year then with Foxy’s world renowned Old Years Night? This is one of the biggest weekend parties in the Caribbean with non-stop entertainment, DJ’s on the beach and never ending beverages and merriment. Whether you come for a holiday festivity or to simply celebrate your being in the British Virgin Islands, Foxy’s is a fun and delicious addition to your bar binge.


Peter Island

Peter Island for drinking, you ask? If it has to do with the British Virgin Islands then Peter Island should be on the list! As you know from my previous post, Peter Island is a paradise for just about everything- food, beaches, service, accommodations and drinking! Peter Island is a far cry from the typical saloons mentioned above, but a trusty destination in terms of good food and great libations. I consent to saying their Pain Killers are top notch in the BVI, as well as their spiked ginger lemonades, mojitos, rum punch and extensive wine list. Posting up at Deadman’s Beach is a sure fire way to keep your glass full with their beachside flag service, or to just indulge in an afternoon siesta. A few steps away from Deadman’s Beach is Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill where you can savor true island delicacies such as shrimp quesadillas, wood fire flatbread pizzas or conch fritters. Peter Island is a must see haven when visiting the BVI, whether staying on this piece of private island paradise or not. Sop up the tropical elixirs seeping from your pores with enticing dishes, make friends with the most hospitable staff around and follow it all up with a second wind rally of more intoxicating potions.

peter island bar crawl

Thirsty? Me too! I know there are countless stops in the British Virgin Island’s to throw all inhibitions to the wind and drink yourself silly, so I want to hear about them! Share with me your favorite bar havens around the islands and hopefully one day I too will get to visit them all. Cheers!

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