About Me


Ahoy written in Sand

I am Mattie Logan- born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and currently reside in Atlanta. After 4.5 of the most insane years of my life (better known as: College), I obtained my Fashion Design and Merchandising degree from a pretty little school in Statesboro, Georgia – Georgia Southern University.    Hail Southern!


I went on to live and work in the fashion industry in New York City where I really think the initial adventure bug bit me.


I will forever be in love with that confined fourth floor walkup apartment, 24-hr wine delivery service and streets chock full of remarkably beautiful people that made up my Upper East Side home, but eventually having to get my mom to mail me boxes of dried goods from a far off land where cereal and ketchup didn’t cost you a left kidney got old, and home I went.


Every Fashionista dreams of being a cheerleader, right? Absolutely! Insert my next venture: Cheerleader for MLB, The Atlanta Braves. LET’S GO BRAVOS! That was fun…REALLY fun.


Braves Collage

But alas, this gypsy soul had other things in mind and after 4 years on the Tomahawk Team…



KSU Cover Croped small



After securing my certification in Meeting & Event Management from Kennesaw State University’s College of Continuing and Professional Education, I landed a position where my love of travel married my love of being around people!



 Currently I design and operate specialized group incentive travel programs and events that ensure your wants and needs are perfectly planned and executed. For lack of better words, I travel the world and plan your parties!





A World Traveler + A Fashion & Beauty Enthusiast + A Blonde Chasing Sunsets & Good Vibes = This sparkly ray of blog sunshine you’re currently reading!


polaroids collage


 So follow me down the rabbit hole to a land of wayward jaunts, haute odysseys and global inspiration!